The factory of PERSIKA is being established in 1965 in Pylea - Thessaloniki with producing efficiency in woolen blankets.

In 1967 Persika enters the production of woolen carpets (Garde). The factory is being transferred, in 1978, to privately - owned facilities in Galatista - Chalkidiki and the production carries on solely with woolen carpets (Garde). In 1980 quality Roubayat is being produced. In 1985 -besides Roubayat- Arabel carpets are being added in the coloration of the company. A full dye-house (for hanks) is being also created in the same facilities together with biological cleaning and becomes a solids unit.

The owners status of the company changes in 1994 after the retirement of the founders and the appearance of the new investors and management.

In 2000 the owners are changed again and enters ALBIO HOLDINGS GROUP which takes up the reconstruction of the company.

Together with Roubayat quality, Arabel quality reappears and two new qualities of synthetic carpets Indika and Elora are added in the coloration of the company. In 2001 two additional qualities Halima and Gala appear.

Hand made carpets and wall to wall carpets are also included in the coloration.